I dreamed of escape

i waited for my father in front of school and i dreamed of escape .
i placed my self in a memory of television cities and i kissed the
prettiest girl ,
we were alone in the land of humans and i hid my heart in her from
and in stillness i was immortal , reading thoughts , with my hands
changing the world to winter .
the walls had saturated me with safety , which inside it i fused the white
with black and the man with donkey ,
and sun obviously was the wife of god .
i had no enemies but reality , and i did not know why i had to fear my
father , grand father and my teacher .
i did not understand why they say that " a man is with no tears '' while i
sow my father cry in front of a TV for the Sudan .
why i cound not wait more and more , untel my father loses his way and i
become lost behind doors with no retrent to this humiliating reality.
i did not know how to be a child , i thought hope was a Worship , and the
rains one day ... will flood us all .
i wanted all to Apologize to me .
the childs mind have become damaged , he is back older in front of school
waiting for his father but he doesn't come , and then he cries .
he only needs one finger to point that there is injustice in the world and
there is no enemy .
i don't want to see more of what ive seen , that is what i want to see .